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    Couples Are Sharing The Dumbest Things They've Argued Over And It's As Hilarious As It Is Petty

    All I can say is don't get Dominos' without your partner.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share the pettiest thing they and their partner have ever argued about. Here are some of their answers!

    1. In a hypothetical where my boyfriend was permanently turned into a sentient goldfish, I said I MIGHT eventually move on."

    "That was a mistake I’m still paying for lol,"


    2. "I was gifted a pepper mill by my boss. My S.O. thought it was silly that 'they' would take pepper and form it into little balls just for people to grind up again. He did not believe me that peppercorns are a thing, and the pepper one typically buys in a grocery store is *ground up*"

    "Thank God he's cute😅"


    3. My ex tried to argue that seatbelts weren’t safe and shouldn’t be worn, because they can cut you in half if worn wrong. Once I realized he wasn’t joking and truly believed seatbelts were dangerous, we had a legitimate argument about it. I couldn’t rise above the stupidity of what he was saying.


    4. "Our first ever row was about whether Diet Coke and Coke Zero have the same recipe."



    6. "One time my boyfriend went to Dunkin' Donuts and got me a coffee and nothing else. I can’t have coffee. When I asked why he didn’t get me a donut instead, he said, 'I don’t know.'"

    "We didn’t talk for like a day, and then he got me pizza and all was forgiven."


    7. "We just got married and got a bunch of kitchen stuff, including silverware. I don't like the spoons so I brought over the ones I had at my parents' house – they're deeper and I just like them. Anytime I ask for a spoon, my husband always gives me the wrong ones (the ones we got for our wedding). Last night, I don't know why, it just irked me so much that I literally threw a tantrum and went into depth about how much I hate the new spoons and I only want to use my spoons from my parent's house. My husband stared at me and I ended up just going to sleep with no dinner because I was that mad about the spoons."


    8. "My partner and I have more than once had explosive arguments about whether or not Jerry Seinfeld is funny (he is a fan, I am not). Tears have been shed on both sides."

    "This is one of the only things we ever fight about."



    10. "My husband is not a fan of spoilers of any kind when it comes to TV series. I on the other hand love them and like watching teasers for episodes but usually make sure to watch them alone. Last week we were catching up on Insecure and at the end of the episode (as he is well aware of) they show a maybe, 30 second teaser for the next episode. He sits there watching it with me before he realizes what’s going on, freaks out and then closes the laptop and says, 'Why would you let me watch that?!'"

    "Wouldn’t talk to me for the rest of the night lol."


    11. "Our one and only right was during lockdown when he had done a food shop and I was unpacking and he didn’t pick me up any peppers which I put in everything even though it was on the list. I asked him where the peppers were and he said he must’ve forgot them. I was moping about it and he started to make fun of me for being annoyed which then resulted in us having to sit in separate rooms because I was grumpy and he kept trying to diffuse it by making light of the situation which made it worse!"

    "It’s funny now though. Plus he’s never forgotten peppers again."



    13. "A cup. An actual cup. It was an argument about who put it on the table...this has argument lasted 20 years 😂😂"


    14. "During the first year of us dating, we fought about pineapple juice and whether it should be refrigerated or not. We argued for so long that we almost broke up over it. We were about to go on a 4 day camping trip with each other and I remember thinking: 'Oh my god, do I wanna be stuck with this person alone in the wilderness for 4 days?'"

    "Thankfully we didn’t break up and have been together for 5 years. We now make it a point to just let the small things go. It’s not worth it to prove a point that doesn’t matter to begin with."


    15. "Me and my boyfriend hardly ever argue, maybe once a year at most, but recently we got really heated over whether an actress on TV had good cheekbones or just good contouring. I was Team Cheekbones, he was Team Contour. We never once strayed from the topic and we both got so angry. It was beyond irrational."


    16. "The most serious fight my husband and I have ever had about something petty was about who was right in Captain America: Civil War (Cap is right and Tony is a hypocrite, for my stance). Raised voices, didn't speak to each other for hours afterwards."

    "We still can't have a sensible conversation about it without getting heated."



    18. "We have a couple of games that we play together often. He progressed in one of them in single player mode, I progressed in another one in retaliation. We've both learned from our betrayals."


    19. "My ex was being an absolute child because he wanted takeout for tea and not the food I’d cooked. He was making a right performance over it so I took the plate off him and threw the whole thing in the bin. Then when he went out to get takeout, he didn’t take his keys so I went out too so he had no way of getting back in and had to eat it in his car. Prick."


    20. "The most recent was about which of us spilled a drink off the end table and onto the couch. I swear he kicked my drink off the table and he swears I moved a pillow and that knocked it. It got so heated I ended up going to a girlfriend's house that night and when I got home the next morning, the argument continued."



    22. "My now ex-boyfriend and I fought about the pronunciation of the singer Amerie's name. He kept calling her 'Ann Marie' and I said it's pronounced 'A Marie"' He went on and on about how I was wrong and everyone he knows says 'Ann Marie'. I said 'That girl has never said her name that way and you and your friends are wrong'. He then went on about how me and my friends always have to be right to which I responded that we are. I stopped talking to him for days until he apologized and told me I was right."


    23. "I had been going on for days about how I had wanted Domino’s pizza, but we never got any. My fiancé and his friends at work decided to order Domino’s on one of their shifts, and when I found out I flipped out. I acted like it was the end of the world! The next day I ordered Domino’s and didn’t offer him any. The pettiness is real."


    Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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