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26 Small Moments Every Girl Dreads

*Leaves dirty underwear somewhere, cringes for an eternity*.

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1. Wearing a dress or skirt on a windy day.

2. Painting your nails then immediately smudging them.

3. Accidently leaving your dirty knickers behind in the bathroom for your housemates/S.O to find.



4. Walking up stairs when you're wearing a skirt or dress.

5. Hair removal of any kind.

6. Starting your period and being completely unprepared.

7. Someone catching you in the act of pulling up your tights.

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8. Having a shower or bath with your mascara still on.

10. Taking off a sports bra.

11. Getting a hole or ladder in your tights.

12. Getting burned by your hair straighteners or curling iron.

13. Someone going down on you when you haven't showered.


14. Not being able to find your tampon string.

15. Having the "four boob" effect.

17. Hiding your tampons/pads on your way to the toilet at work but then it falling out in front of other people.

18. Summertime thigh chafing.

19. Getting stuck in an item of clothing in the changing rooms.

20. Using conditioner instead of shampoo and not realising till your hair's already dried.

21. Brushing through that matted tuft of hair at the back of your head.

22. Doing your make-up on the bus and jabbing yourself in the eye.

23. Starting your period in the middle of sex.

24. Having your hair blow-dried then stepping out into the rain.

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25. Taking your makeup off after a long day.

when you're about to go to sleep and you remember you still have makeup on

26. And finally, period leakage :(.

Or just ANY leakage. We know it was spray-tan Xtina, but we feel you girl!
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Or just ANY leakage. We know it was spray-tan Xtina, but we feel you girl!