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    14 Of The Worst Gifts People Received For Christmas

    A bottle of already-used conditioner, anyone?

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community about the worst and weirdest presents they'd ever received for Christmas – here are their responses!

    1. A bidet

    2. A collection of...collected items.

    "A used (heavily washed) scarf from my terrible boss, who was the worst Secret Santa, along with coffee beans from a hotel room, and hotel soap." – lizzyg8

    3. A coupon

    4. A life-sized cardboard cut-out of Mary J. Blige

    5. A sweet treat

    "One year my aunt and uncle gave me and my cousins a wrapped candy bar for Christmas. Everyone else’s had a twenty dollar bill wrapped around their candy bar. Mine did not. They forgot to put the money in with mine before they wrapped it. I got a Snickers Bar for Christmas." –brooklinwagner

    6. A "female survival kit"

    7. A furry "friend"

    8. A calculated gift

    "When I was a kid I'd go to our neighborhood's annual holiday party where "Santa" would pass out gifts (which the parents had actually brought). Well, I guess one year my dad didn't remember that tradition til the last minute, because my gift from Santa waaaaas a calculator." – Austen Wright, Facebook

    9. A pair of used underwear

    10. Tampons

    'I once got a box of tampons from my mom. Gift wrapped and everything.' – tayaadamsg

    11. A share

    12. A set of coat hangers

    13. A used bottle of conditioner

    "My mum gave me a used bottle of conditioner one year. It was sellotaped shut and was so old I think it was discontinued many years before. "–tashr3

    14. A hot water bottle

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