17 People Reveal The Most Savage Things Their Mums Have Ever Said Or Done

    Don't mess with mums.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the most savage thing their mum has ever said or done. Here are some of their responses...

    1. The Smart Alec

    "My mom was talking to me about my 2-year-old baby sister and she said 'she’s the smartest kid I’ve ever had'."

    – Submitted by cassidyb488dd7874

    2. The Morbid Mum

    "My mom has a tendency to be morbid. For instance, after the dog died she changed her passwords from 'Scruffy1234' to 'Scruffyisdead'. Anyway, about a year ago she was boarding a plane to go on vacation and I texted her 'Have a safe flight!'. She responded with 'It’s not up to me' and turned her phone off."

    – Submitted by caitlinm18

    3. The Birthday Burn

    4. The Quinceañera

    "For my quince, she had my cousin be my dancing partner because she assumed that I wouldn’t have a boyfriend by then. (She was right.)"

    – Submitted by hollyleaf1122

    5. The Side-Eye

    "I told my mom that I was the best daughter she was ever going to have. She stopped what she was doing, side-eyed me, and told me that I am 'her only daughter and she was already disappointed'."

    – Submitted by lachick98

    6. The Helpful Suggestion

    "My mom asked how I was feeling after battling a severe sinus infection. I sent her a pic of my 'sick' face. She responded by saying she could send me a 'makeup tutorial to fix that.'”

    – Submitted shanleyelyssew

    7. The Offer

    "When my brother and I complained about her rules/cooking/parenting, she used to tell us, 'If you get a better offer, take it.'"

    – Submitted by summerblair

    8. The Trash Talk

    "One day my mom was arguing with my brother:

    Brother: you treat me like trash

    Mom: honey, I take out my trash, and you’re still here."

    – Submitted by dizneyking96

    9. The Holy Hush

    "In church, my mom pats my knee and says 'Don’t sing in church honey, only mouth the words.'

    Even God doesn’t want to hear me sing."

    – Submitted by caboelitz

    10. The Silent Songstress

    “You’ll never get a boyfriend if you don’t stop breaking into song.”

    – Submitted by ladyknitsalot

    11. The Facebook Page

    "When I was in my tweens, I went through a phase of dyeing my hair constantly, with box dye that would stain anything it came into contact with (sinks, doors, towels, the bath). One evening I made the classic mistake of leaving my Facebook page open and logged in, and so my mum created a group called 'Stop Chloe Dyeing Her Hair' and invited every single friend I had on Facebook."

    – Submitted by lexy37a

    12. The Joker

    13. The Compliment

    "I was upset about a dye job that made my blonde highlights look orange and my mom didn’t even attempt to say it looked good and just went, 'At least you look good in hats'."

    – Submitted by katelynnmaryj

    14. The Feline Friend

    "My mom tells me my cat is my only friend."

    – Submitted by spsees

    15. The Christmas Sweater

    "I told my mom I was looking to buy an ugly sweater for Christmas. She just turned her head and looked at me for a while and said 'Why do you need one? Your face is enough'."

    – Submitted by pearll482beb7d3

    16. The Horror Film

    "When I was about 11 years old and just got my first period, I was in pain and sad. So my mom wanted to cheer me up and let me watch a movie about someone else ‘in my situation’.

    The movie she let me watch was ‘Carrie’…

    OK Mom."

    – Submitted by elino446528095

    17. The Neighbourhood Crush

    When I was in the fifth grade our washer/dryer was in the garage. One day I stained my shirt, and we both were in the garage so I took it off so she could spray it. The garage door is open, and my mom yells, “Oh hi Jake!” (The neighbor I have a huge crush on) I turn around mortified and topless while my mother is dying laughing. There was no one there. She still cries laughing every time she thinks about it.

    – Submitted by haylieroses

    NB: Some of these submissions may have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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