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    27 Things That Always Happen In The Office During Christmas

    There's always someone who puts on Christmas songs in November.

    1. There's always one person who is completely obsessed with Christmas and insists on playing Christmas songs even though it's November.

    New Line Cinema

    2. Then there are those people who understand that Christmas songs in November is just fucking madness.


    3. Some really couldn't give a shit either way.


    On one hand, Christmas songs are a depressing indication that the year is almost up, but on the other hand, the quicker we accept it's the festive season, the quicker we can start getting drunk at work.

    4. Someone wilI, in turn, complain about the office's "Christmas spirit".


    No doubt the same person who played the Christmas songs in November and insists that everyone's monitors be covered in tinsel and fairy lights.

    5. And that person will be swiftly shut down by the Office Scrooge.


    Who is usually the boss, mainly because when you've got people putting up Christmas decorations and arguing over Christmas playlists, probably not much work is getting done.

    6. But nothing and no one will be able to dampen their spirits.


    Some say they cannot be killed.

    7. Against their will, everyone will take part in Secret Santa.


    "Please guys, this time keep who you get to yourself," says the elf in charge of the office Christmas spirit.

    *everyone whispers to each other and swaps paper*

    8. Outfit-planning for the Christmas party will begin.


    9. Because everyone knows the work Christmas party is the perfect time and place to finally make your move on your office crush.

    Channel 4

    Your office crush who has literally no idea who you are or how fucking creepy you are about them.

    10. So with your work BFF, a very detailed game plan will be devised.


    The plan will seem very promising: Get really, really drunk and say, "Hello, good party, isn't it?"

    11. Everyone will flood the organiser with questions about the Christmas party.


    12. Which will prompt management to send "friendly" reminders about conduct.


    Which absolutely everyone, especially management, will ignore.

    13. Before the party has even begun, someone from management who has probably been drinking since 12 will make a scene.


    14. And the office hottie, the one you have been lusting after for months, will leave early.


    15. Someone you've never even noticed before – but has noticed you – will strike up a conversation.

    Channel 4

    Turns out they want to chew on your weird hair.

    16. Meanwhile, your work BFF who was supposed to help you with "Operation Shag Colin From Accounts" has drunk two bottles of wine for fear of the tab running out.


    17. And because everyone had the same idea, the whole office is completely shitfaced and screeching from the top of their lungs.


    18. The CEO, fuelled by expensive booze that wasn't on the tab, will hit the dance floor.


    You will see things you can never unsee.

    19. Which will be the highlight of the night – until something completely scandalous happens.


    Because when you put 100 co-workers together with copious amounts of booze, something will invariably happen.

    20. And it will be all anyone can talk about for weeks afterwards.


    That and the CEO's dancing. OH THE DANCING.

    21. The next day will be the worst working day of the year.


    You will be openly hungover and unproductive, but then so will literally everyone else.

    22. And because you can't remember anything you did, you'll worry about getting fired.


    23. There will be absolutely no work done once the Christmas party is over.


    "Well there's no point doing the end-of-year review, it's almost Christmas."

    "The client's already out of office for Christmas."

    "Things are quiet because it's Christmas."


    24. And as the days go on, everyone will start leaving work earlier and earlier.


    And lunches will get longer and longer.

    25. Except for that one person who makes everyone look bad.


    "Brian, come to the pub!"

    "It's 12pm, there are still six hours left in the working day."


    "Are you drunk?"


    26. If you're working on Christmas Eve, you'll just spend the day wishing you had taken it off.


    The office will be a ghost town, and the only other person at work will be yep, you guessed it, Brian.

    27. Until the boss gives in, realises no one is doing anything, and sends everyone home for the holidays.


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