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19 Things Only People Who Spend Too Much Money Will Understand

"This is fine, this is totally fine" – you every single day.

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1. You've convinced yourself that "life is too short" to listen to others and not enjoy yourself.

3. You'll always find a way to justify your spending.

4. Because there's nothing worse than regret.

5. Most of your money goes on food anyway, and you need food, right?

6. And it's not your fault that everything you like just happens to be the most expensive stuff.

7. And sales don't necessarily mean you save money, since you just end up buying more.

8. And it's safe to say you have a lot of stuff you don't need or even use.

9. You prefer to live in blissful ignorance about your finances.

10. Sometimes, though, you'll get that nagging feeling.

11. Getting your card declined is your biggest fear.

When u gotta tell a customer that their card got declined


12. So, reluctantly, and with a lot of courage, you force yourself to check your bank account.

And it's not good, it's never good.

13. Every now and then you'll evaluate your financial situation.

14. And do whatever it takes to stop you from scratching that itch.

15. Sometimes, though, your idea of progress isn't really progress at all.

16. Because you NEEDED that heart-shaped cutting board and that mason jar drinks dispenser!

17. You NEEDED your colleagues to like you!

18. Saving is just impossible.