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    26 Nando’s Problems We All Know To Be True

    All of which could be solved if they just gave you a black card.

    1. When you arrive for the fifth day in a row and yet they still ask if you've been before.

    2. You insist on looking at the menu even though YOU ORDER THE SAME THING EVERY TIME.

    @mikeshaw42 looking at the menu and deciding that I will have what I have every single time #nandosproblems

    3. But yet you still take ages agonising over the options.


    7. After settling on the thing you always get, like you thought you would, because that's what you do every time, you toy with the idea of going up a spice level.

    8. Because there is a social stigma attached to Lemon & Herb.

    9. So sometimes you have to go to great lengths to conceal your true spice level.

    FACT: We often get guys on dates who order Plain but ask us to put Extra Hot flags in their chicken.#justsaying

    10. But then you decide against it after remembering what happened last time...

    11. Then when you're ready to order, you realise your indecision has cost you a good place in the queue.

    12. When you receive your table number you immediately forget it.

    13. So you panic and shout across the restaurant in crazed desperation.

    14. Then you're suddenly crippled with horror when you realise you've also forgot your loyalty card.

    15. When you're the designated refill chump, like poor Tania here.

    I'm always the person who has to refill everyone's drinks and get the cutlery at Nandos


    17. All of your mates get their food before you despite being the one to order first.

    18. You ALWAYS eat too much too quickly.

    @wowameowa u after nandos 😩😂 “@BabyAnimalPics: rt if this kinda look like u ”

    19. And often. SO OFTEN.

    20. Sometimes, the addiction is too strong and you have to resort to criminal activity.

    21. But get caught cheating the system.

    Getting caught ordering water and drinking coke #NandosProblems @NandosUK you got me this time 😬

    22. It's just another reminder you're not Ed Sheeran.

    23. Sometimes, the person you love is not the person you thought they were.

    That moment when your girlfriend ruins your day by just saying a few words 🙈😂 #incompatible #NandosProblems

    24. Because Nando's is the height of romance.

    25. And you will do ANYTHING for chicken.

    26. Although your efforts won't be rewarded.

    What's never a problem though, is eating a fuckload of chicken.

    Right Niall?