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18 Pictures That Prove You Should Never Fuck With Mums

They are savage AF.

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1. Mums will easily take you down a peg or two.

2. So you should never engage in an argument with them.

3. It's better to just stay out of their way.

4. Just keep your mouth zipped. Please.

5. Mums can be pretty damn cold when they want to be.

6. And they can deliver the sickest of burns.

7. Their honesty is brutal.

"You live rent free." True but ouch.

"You live rent free." True but ouch.

8. So tread very carefully.

9. In fact, theyโ€™re way more savage than we give them credit for.

10. So their attacks may come as a surprise.

11. Because mums know everything.

12. They know how to get right under your skin.

13. And they'll make friends with your enemies.

14. Mums won't be afraid to shame you publicly.

15. In fact, they'll use technology against you.

Ban mums from Facebook.

16. And they'll go for the jugular if needed.

17. So in short, please don't mess with mums.

18. Because they are the real godfathers of this world.

So if they started you, they can finish you.
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So if they started you, they can finish you.