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    33 Mildly Devastating Things Everyone Experiences

    When your iPhone is dying but you're at your mate's house so you ask to borrow their charger but they only have one for an Android.

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    1. When you’re eating guacamole and your tortilla chip breaks trying to scoop up a hard bit of avocado.

    2. When your iPhone is dying but you're at your mate's house so you ask to borrow their charger but they only have one for an Android.

    3. When you get six notifications on your phone but when you open them three are from your mum, one is from Domino's, one is from Papa John's and one is a reminder about your smear test.

    4. When you finally decide what you want to eat off a menu but then when you go to order it the waiter informs you that they've run out.

    5. When you reach for something and it’s just out of reach so you have to reach some more to get it.

    6. When you look up walking directions on your phone, and then only realise you went in the opposite direction after you've walked down a really long road.

    7. When you rush to catch a train and everything in your path is clear until you get right to the entrance and there's a crowd of slow moving people blocking your way.

    8. When you go to the coffee machine at work, wait for someone to make their coffee, and then when it’s your turn the filter needs be replaced.

    9. When you just miss your train and have to wait a whole TWO MINUTES for the next one.

    10. When you JUST miss someone’s call so you immediately call them back but they don’t pick up the phone.

    11. When you run a nice bath and it's not until you're naked and ready to get in that you realise the water has been running cold.

    12. When you climb into bed to get comfy but then you somehow knock your phone off and down the side of the bed.

    13. When you're super hungry and you put some tasty food in the oven and then wait twenty minutes before you check on it only to realise YOU DIDN'T PUT ON THE FUCKING OVEN.

    14. When you get into bed and are about to fall asleep and your bladder nudges you and goes "Hey I need to peeeeeeeee."

    15. When you're enjoying a nice packet of sweets and you peel off another strip of paper to eat the next one and THE MOTHERFUCKING RED ONE FALLS OUT ONTO THE FLOOR.

    16. When you're really hot and sweaty and trying to take off your jacket but your arms are stuck inside and you're trying to get it off, and you feel like you might die in the jacket.

    17. When you use a new slang word in front of someone much younger and cooler than you and they go "Did you just say 'fam'?"

    18. When you’re walking in flips flops snd suddenly one just slides off and skids across the street and you’re walking barefoot on the nasty ass ground for a few seconds.

    19. When you’re cooking something and the fire alarm goes off after just a TINY whiff of smoke and you spent 10 minutes fanning it while standing on a chair.

    20. When you’re really thirsty in the middle of the night and go to drink your water but there’s only a couple of drops left because you forgot you already drank it the last time you woke up.

    21. When you're expecting a delivery but they give you a wide time slot so after waiting for an hour you decide to quickly pop to the shop and when you get back there's a note saying they tried to deliver but YOU WEREN'T IN so you need to collect it from the fucking depot.

    22. When someone at works announces they've bought in treats to the office and you go over but the vultures have already gotten to it and there's nothing left of Karen's famous carrot cake.

    23. Or when all of the good chocolates in the chocolate box are gone and there's only turkish delight or a strawberry creme left which you'll eat BUT WON'T ENJOY.

    24. When you think everyone is not making a big deal out of your birthday because they're planning a surprise but it turns out they just didn't care about your birthday.

    25. When you dig into something comforting on a cold and rainy day like mac 'n' cheese, but it's actually kinda lukewarm in the middle.

    26. When an absolute CHOON is playing on the radio but your Uber driver suddenly decides to change the station to the news.

    27. When you're just about to leave work for lunch and someone suggests a quick meeting.

    28. When you've had your eye on an outfit for ages, fantasised about how great you're going to look in it, and then when you try it on you realise it makes you look frumpy as fuck.

    29. When you shout "WHO'S A GOOD BOY" at a random dog in the park and call it to come over to you but it stares at you blankly before walking away.

    30. When you try to bond with your little cousin and they say "Can I go now? I'm bored."

    31. When you keep the same useful items in your bag every single day but decide one day that you keep too much shit in your bag and low and behold it's the day someone asks you if you have tissues/tampons/mints.

    32. When you smile at a baby and they start crying.

    33. When you google an actor in a TV show you're watching because you want to perv over their pics but then you accidentally read a SPOILER.

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