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19 Husbands Who Failed So Hard They Almost Won

Putting the "ban" in husband.

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1. This husband who is 100% ready for parenthood.

2. This not-so-subtle husband.

3. And this one...

4. The husband who failed to follow instructions.

5. And this one who followed them a little too literally.

6. This husband who tried to surprise his partner in the shower.

7. And this one who tried to give his partner a thoughtful gift.

8. This husband who misinterpreted "playtime."

9. And this husband who just got his kid in on the game.

10. This husband who needed to be rewarded for helping out.

11. And this one who definitely didn't deserve the one he got.

12. This husband who probably thought he was being hilarious.

13. And this one who, well, kinda was.

14. This husband who just had to show his disdain for the job.

15. And who got another chance but yep...still disdainful.

16. This husband, who should never be in charge of laundry.

17. And this one, who will just fall asleep on the job.

18. This husband, who used the guise of Santa to air a complaint.

19. And this husband, who probably does deserve an award, tbh.