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19 Insanely Pretty Products That Will Make All Makeup Addicts Orgasm

Get ready to be sexually attracted to a mascara.

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1. Are you a queen? Because this majestic face powder from Ladurรฉe was made for you.

2. Holy shit these Spectrum makeup brushes. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

3. Have you ever seen such a pretty concealer from Tarte?

4. Ohmygod look at this perfect primer from Paul & Joe.

5. WHAT ARE THESE BEAUTIFUL LIPSTICKS? Kailijumei, we are not worthy of your art.

6. Don't you just want to eat these delicious-looking makeup pearls from Guerlain?

7. Words cannot even describe the beauty of this rainbow highlighter from Etsy.

8. Damn, this eyeshadow palette from Chantecaille is fierce.

9. Don't you want this Charlotte Tilbury highlighter all over you?

10. You couldn't even use this nail polish from Smith & Cult it's so goddamn glam.

11. How could you ever put this Givenchy perfection to your lips?

12. This pretty cheek colour from Chris Chang for MAC is almost too pretty.

13. This set of brushes by Mara Hoffman for Sephora look like they know how to satisfy you.

14. Better make a move quick โ€“ this limited-edition Touche ร‰clat from YSL is gonna get snapped up fast.

15. Have you ever desired Dior more?

16. Is this cheeky bronzer from Too Faced making you blush?

17. Are you sexually attracted to this Anna Sui mascara?

Because I am sexually attracted to this mascara.

Because I am sexually attracted to this mascara.

18. Just imagine this Benefit contouring brush against your skin.

Imagine it. Oh hell yeah.

Imagine it. Oh hell yeah.

19. Now look at this Hourglass eyeshadow palette and go take a cold shower.

Sorry if I have confused you. I am also very confused.

Sorry if I have confused you. I am also very confused.