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    19 Pictures That Prove Romance Has Died And Is Never Coming Back

    "You're the window to my wall. You're the sweat that drips down my balls."

    1. When this person had a rock-solid approach to romance.

    2. And when this wonderfully urban proposal happened.

    3. This story to tell the kids and the grandkids and the great grandkids.

    4. This offer of a sexy (but possibly-a-fire-hazard) night in.

    5. This rather enchanting piece of literature.

    6. And this positively saucy love heart.

    7. This swoon-worthy offer.

    8. This simple, yet effective, declaration of love.

    9. This rather excellent poem written by a person who shouldn't be so hard on themselves.

    10. This cookie cock-up.

    11. This Lil Jon cross-stitch collaboration.

    12. This exchange between a couple who like to keep things hip and modern.

    13. This dinner that proves you can be resourceful and romantic.

    14. This husband who found romance in the everyday.

    15. And this one who knew just what to say.

    16. This boyfriend who took time out of living the thug life and lovingly bought "his" and "hers" mugs.

    17. And this online ad that really nailed the romance genre.


    18. This totally adorable pet name.

    19. And finally, the most romantic of all romantic gestures.

    Final: A Welshman got his girlfriend 12 bags of flour because romance is not dead

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