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    21 Struggles That Are Way Too Real For Every Girl Who's Online-Dated

    It's hard to get to know someone when you've only seen their genitals.

    1. Sometimes you're a bit ashamed of dating online.

    2. Because most of the profiles are weird AF.

    3. And the messages are just...*sigh*.

    4. You just want to have a normal conversation without being called a "cute biscuit with chocolate gravy" FFS.

    5. But that's hard to have when you've got people opening with lines like this:

    6. Every now and then however, you'll actually have a nice, normal conversation with someone but then they'll ruin it with their genitals.


    7. Genitals that you never wanted, but are asked for an opinion on.

    8. Sometimes you're even asked to return the "favour".

    9. Blocking or reporting a creep will happen at some point.

    10. Sometimes though, things can be a little too normal.

    11. And you just don't know how to respond without sounding like you're also boring as hell.



    12. After a desperate swiping session your notifications can go a little crazy, which can be overwhelming.

    13. Other times things are just dry as fuck.

    14. So you have to take a break from it all.

    15. When you make your return, you immediately remember why you left in the first place.

    16. But then you find someone really cool, and you worry it's a little too good to be true.

    17. So you try to quell your fears by trying to find out every possible detail about them on the internet.

    18. Because it's so awkward asking them for more photos/their height/if they sound like Elmo.

    19. Talking too much before actually meeting IRL can sometimes lead to high expectations.

    Fox Searchlight

    20. Which makes it ten times more crushing when the date isn't going so well.


    21. Because there's nothing worse than having your efforts wasted.

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