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21 Struggles That Are Way Too Real For Every Girl Who's Online-Dated

It's hard to get to know someone when you've only seen their genitals.

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1. Sometimes you're a bit ashamed of dating online.

2. Because most of the profiles are weird AF.

3. And the messages are just...*sigh*.

4. You just want to have a normal conversation without being called a "cute biscuit with chocolate gravy" FFS.

5. But that's hard to have when you've got people opening with lines like this:

7. Genitals that you never wanted, but are asked for an opinion on.

8. Sometimes you're even asked to return the "favour".

10. Sometimes though, things can be a little too normal.

14. So you have to take a break from it all.

16. But then you find someone really cool, and you worry it's a little too good to be true.