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21 Times Parents Failed At The Modern World

Facepalm after faceplam.

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1. When something just "happens" and they don't bother to change it; they just make do.


3. When they try troubleshooting issues on their own.

4. And just can't figure out where they went wrong.

5. When they learn about Google for the first time.

8. Because you control everything, of course.

11. When they're trying to be on your level.

12. When you really need them to not use Internet Explorer.

13. Like really.


14. When they know how to do something but not how to do it appropriately.

15. When something is so above their head they think it requires a genius.

16. When they've clearly misunderstood something but are convinced they know better than you.

21. When they don't understand that technology is designed to make their life easier, not harder.


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