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    19 Insanely Useful Skills Every Lazy Person Has Mastered

    You can do practically anything hands-free.

    1. Coming up with ingenious solutions.

    2. And being able to devise nifty contraptions.

    Like spending attaching a hook to your charger so you can reel in your handbag.

    3. Knowing how to get a job done when you're short on time.

    4. Or being able to cover up something to buy you more time.

    5. Being able to do practically anything hands-free.

    6. So being particularly agile with your feet.

    7. Being creative when it comes to birthday presents.

    8. Or hiding something from your housemates.

    9. Being able to get a job done in any kind of footwear.

    10. Or with any kind of utensil.

    11. Basically being extremely resourceful.

    12. And not letting anything go to waste.

    13. Being able to push your body to its limit.

    14. Not to mention your mind.

    15. Being able to keep yourself and others you care about happy, despite conflicting desires.

    16. And recruiting other people to join you in your laziness no matter where they are in the world.

    17. Being able to create and rock a new style.

    Kinda went out yesterday with only half my hair curled, couldn't be bothered doing the other side. #LazyGirlProblems

    18. And making your look literally quite effortless.


    19. But most importantly, being able to hold in your pee when you can't quite get to the bathroom.


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