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19 Times "Superbad" Perfectly Summed Up Growing Up

"It's in. Oh my god, it's in."

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1. When your mate tried a new look:

2. When one of you tried to create your own "cool" nickname:

3. And you all tried to act like you were cool AF:

4. When you borrowed your mate's clothes:

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5. And your squad wanted to impress the cool kids:

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6. Whenever someone brought up something embarrassing you did in the past:

7. When you tried pretending you were older to buy alcohol:

8. And the waiting for them to believe you or not was the most intense few minutes of your entire life:

9. When you tried to deal with the rising problems of puberty:

10. Every time you got caught staring at your crush:

11. When you found out the person you like may like you back:

12. When adults tried to relate to you:

13. When you were in trouble and could only think of this excuse:

14. When you were inexperienced and your mate tried to give you advice:

15. And saved your ass from committing social suicide:

16. When your first sexual experience was just a horrible, awkward mess:

17. Because that one story that went around school made everyone nervous:

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18. When all you wanted was to grow up faster:

19. Even though you realised early on what life truly is: