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    WTF I Just Found Out That Some People Stand Up To Wipe After Pooping And I'm Honestly Confused

    Is even poop dividing us?

    So the other day I was having dinner with my housemate, when she told me that a comedian she had just gone to see had revealed a very interesting fact during the show: Apparently when people wipe their bum after going for a poo, there's an almost equal split between those who sit while doing it and those who stand.

    As a sitter, I was frankly shocked by this information and immediately wanted to know which camp my friends were in.

    Most of my mates were natural sitters and were as confused as I was.

    Others weren't so sure what they did and needed to get back to me.

    The women at BuzzFeed UK had a very clear stance:

    But then a crazy thing happened. One of my friends revealed that they stood, AND they had reasons.

    And then ANOTHER friend revealed that they were once a stander but are now reformed.

    So, trusted and valuable readers, do me a favour and help me figure out if this is really a thing or if I just have a couple of weird friends.