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19 Things Women Who Love Eating Just Get

Crumbs in your bra every goddamn day.

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2. Because happiness to you is being fed and being full.

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3. So you take food very seriously, far more seriously than others.

6. And how to justify yourself.

Not that you fucking need to.

7. Because eating is all that matters, you never hide the hungry in you.

I'm totally not one of those girls who's afraid to eat in front of people. I love food. Food is literally life. 😻💕


9. And things might get just a little bit messy.

Story of my life is taking my bra off and having crumbs fall out

10. To the point where sometimes you just have to take the necessary precautions.

@CaraTurkas you need this so your food doesn't get stuck in your hair hahaha

12. Because you know that you've been there, done that and don't want to go back.

13. Although you know you could really do with just a bit more self-control.

16. If a gesture of romance doesn't somehow involve food, it just isn't romantic.

17. Because to you, food is sensual, food turns you on.

18. Food is how you express your feelings.

19. Food is your entire life.


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