24 Signs You Love Food More Than People

    Food > people. Always.

    1. When there's a crisis, you know your priorities.

    2. Because the only truly worthwhile cause is food.

    3. Diets always fail, because of said priorities.

    4. And as for sharing, well, let's just say you're a little reluctant.

    5. Although other people's food is totally fair game.

    6. You attend parties for one reason and one reason only.

    7. So you like to make your position crystal-clear from the get-go.

    8. Because you really DGAF when there's food at stake.

    9. At family events your idea of quality time is a little different.

    10. Showing off snaps of your adorable 3-year-old niece on social media just isn't your thing.

    11. Your Facebook activity tends to look something like this.

    12. And your Instagram is pretty much ALL this.

    13. Because nothing deserves your attention more than food.

    14. You could give zero fucks about eating in front of people.

    15. And on dates you're constantly thinking about the food you're gonna eat instead of your potential bae.

    16. Sometimes you'd rather just do dinner solo and forgo all the pretence.

    17. Because you refuse to be defined by society.

    18. Needless to say, as a love interest, you can be difficult to please.

    For real though. I love food more than I like people. It's not even a close race.

    19. Especially when your idea of fun might not be the same as others.

    How to flirt: Step one: make sure he/ she knows your priorities (aka you love food more than most people) ((repeat))

    20. Although every once in a while you meet a kindred spirit and it's magical.

    “@TweetLikeAGirI: The way to a girls heart ” love food more than people

    21. There's only one kind of porn you need in your life.

    22. And this is what day-dreaming about bae looks like.

    23. Because you and food share a special bond that runs deeper than anything you could ever share with another human being.

    24. And you know it will be there for you, always.