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    21 Secrets People Who Live Alone Will Never Tell You

    There are no rules except: do whatever the hell you want.

    1. You never have to worry about someone stealing your food or using up your stuff.

    2. But you're now more aware than ever about your own habits...

    3. Most of the time though, you barely have anything in your fridge.

    4. So you probably have more takeaways than the average person.

    A lovely cheese pizza just for me... #HomeAlone #LiveAlone

    5. Because let's face it, cooking for one just isn't worth it.

    6. With no one sharing the rent or bills, you have to rely on yourself 100%.

    7. So if something goes terribly wrong, you have to handle it on your own, which can be a little scary.

    8. OR A LOT SCARY.

    a massive PREGNANT spider just ran into my house. send help. I'm crying

    9. You can always bring someone home without a soul knowing about it.

    10. And you never have to worry about losing sleep because your housemate likes having loud, grunty sex.

    Paramount Pictures / Via

    11. You often leave shit wherever you want, because it's your stuff and your space.

    12. Especially the bathroom.

    13. You don't need to compromise on the decor.

    14. And you never have to worry about other people's bad habits.

    Rasulovs / Getty Images /

    15. Sometimes though, you just wish you had someone around.

    Sony Pictures

    16. To have a nice chat with and maybe split a bottle of wine.

    Kinetic Content

    17. Because drinking by yourself never feels quite right.

    Universal Pictures

    18. But then again, you never have to cater to anyone's tastes but your own.


    19. You can basically just be your true, weird ass self all of the time.

    20. Free from judgement.

    21. But most importantly, NAKED LIKE A NEWBORN BABE.


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