19 Straight Men Who Are Clearly Not Okay And Need Our Help

    Ladies, the fuckboys are getting worse, we must help them.

    1. What is really needed here is some serious help.

    2. Because this behaviour...this behaviour is scary. We are scared for you.

    3. She may not remember you, Dean, but do you even remember you, Dean?

    4. Please know that you don't have to do these things.

    5. Is "bananas" code for something? Are you trying to tell us you need help?


    7. You're clearly very, very tired.

    8. This hedonistic life of yours... It needs to stop.

    9. Please, just stick with board games. Board games are good, wholesome fun!

    10. What would your mother have to say about this?

    11. She would say this isn't how you should start a conversation.

    12. We know this is a cry for help.

    13. You don't really have big cookies.

    14. There are no hoes.

    15. You are not okay.

    16. We get the picture: You need guidance.

    17. Firstly, don't reveal too much too soon.

    18. Secondly, don't just talk about your interests. Find common ground.

    19. And thirdly, confront your past, ask yourself: Why am I like this?

    H/T: straightwhiteboystexting