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18 Things All Cheese Lovers Will Find Way, Way Too Real

You'd be so provolone without it.

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2. And when it comes to cheese, nothing is going overboard.

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4. Unless of course it's the best cake ever invented.

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8. You rarely get embarrassed when it comes to making sure you get exactly the amount of cheese you want and deserve.

Parmesan Sir? "Yes please" Say when. *Grates Parmesan* Sir? "..." *Grates fingers* SIR? "..." *Grates entire hand* Please...I have a family.


11. Because cheese makes up literally half of your fridge contents.

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12. What else could you possibly eat?

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14. And you'd much rather spend quality time with Brie than Brianna.

alone eating cheese so you know it's saturday night

15. Sometimes you wonder if your obsession with cheese has gone too far.

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Because you will literally put it on anything.

16. And that maybe you need to start considering that there are other more important things in life.