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19 Gross Things Every Student Has Done But Would Never Admit To

Used a saucepan for your cereal because there were no clean bowls.

1. Left a pile of washing up for days on end.

2. And had to eventually move them to the bathroom because you ran out of space.

3. Used whatever was clean to eat your food because you still refused to wash a bowl.

4. Or worse, used cling-film as a barrier so you'd never have to wash up ever again.

5. Eaten something dodgy-looking from the uni canteen.

6. Experimented with an odd food combo.

7. Or thrown together whatever random ingredients you had left in the house.

8. Bothered to make dinner, dropped it all on the floor, and then contemplated eating it anyway.

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You did after all, go to a lot of effort.

9. Let rubbish pile up in the kitchen to an almost artistic effect.

10. Left food in the cupboards for so long they turned into a new life form.

11. And forgotten about food in the fridge so that they start growing all kinds of mould.

12. Refused to buy appliances so used whatever you had as a substitute instead.

13. Let hair clog up in the drain until you eventually had to pull this out.

14. Or worse, used the hair to create bathroom "art".

15. Not bothered to buy mould spray or clean the shower properly.

16. Eaten a sad microwave meal.

17. And definitely not bothered to clean the inside of the microwave afterwards.

18. Worn socks or underwear more than once because you couldn't be bothered to do your laundry.

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19. And left cups or rubbish on your window sill or under your bed and forgotten all about it.

The student life is the grim life.