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19 Faces People Who Hate Other People Will Immediately Recognise


1. The "Why Are You Talking To Me Can't You See I Am Wearing Headphones?" Face.

2. The "How Have I Got Into This Conversation And How The Fuck Do I Get Out?" Face.

3. The "I’m Adding You To My Death List" Face.

4. The "Your Arm Is Actually Touching My Arm Can You Not?" Face.

5. The "I Need A Drink Before I Am Ready To Socialise With Other Humans" Face.

6. The "Couldn’t Think Of An Excuse In Time And Now I Have To Go Out" Face.

7. The "I Don’t Need To Know Your Life Story Just Give Me The Details I Fucking Asked For" Face.

8. The "Friend Has Cancelled Plans Now I Don't Have To Put My Pants On" Face.

9. The "Tell Me Again About Something Boring Your Baby Did" Face.

10. The "I'd Rather Be Hanging Out On My Own" Face.

11. The "This Place Is So Crowded I Think I Might Actually Die" Face.

12. The "I'm Actually Really Busy Watching Netflix And Eating Stuffed Crust Pizza" Face.

13. The "I Haven’t Got Time To Figure Out If You're Chatting Me Up Or Just Being Weird" Face.

14. The "Why Are You Talking To Me On Public Transport What Do You Want From Me" Face.

15. "This Small Talk Is Slowly Destroying My Soul" Face.

16. The "Why Are You So Loud Please Can You Shut The Fuck Up?" Face.

17. The "Can't You Just Email Me This Doesn’t Require A Meeting?" Face.

18. The "Trying To Find My Happy Place Because People Won't Leave Me Alone" Face.

19. The "My Cat Is The Only Company I Need In The World" Face.