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21 Beauty Problems Every Girl Knows To Be True

It's a love/hate relationship with eyeliner.

1. When you thought only your eyebrows were a little untamed.

2. When winged eyeliner just isn't happening.

3. Because it takes a bit too much time to get it looking on point.

4. When your mascara at the very last minute, decides to turn on you.

5. And then the actual worst thing happens.

6. Making you question everything.

7. When you really thought this time would be different.

8. And you wish you were ambidextrous.

9. When it feels like it takes an eternity for your nails to dry.

10. And you end up smudging them anyway.

11. When you go a bit mental with the testers and you can't get the colour swatches off.

12. When your favourite lipstick breaks off mid-application.

13. And your favourite blusher goes bye-bye 😢.

14. Because replacing them is fucking expensive.

15. When every towel you use looks like this.

16. And no surface is safe.

17. Including your hands.

18. When your hair straighteners or curling tong decide to punish you.

19. Because you're never quite sure if you've turned them off.

20. When you attempt a makeup tutorial and it doesn't quite come out the same.

21. Especially contouring.

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