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    29 Faces Everyone Who Works At A Media Agency Will Instantly Recognise

    The more you wait, the more you drink.

    1. The "Morning Status Meeting" Face.

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    2. The "This Meeting Is Fucking Pointless" Face.

    3. The "Already Said My Bit Why The Fuck Am I Still In This Meeting?" Face.

    4. The "Client Just Sent Through The Brief" Face.

    Disney Channel

    5. The "Client Says They Know About Digital" Face.

    6. The "Client Wants To Be Innovative But Doesn't Want To Spend Any Money" Face.


    7. The "Client's Changed Their Mind And Wants The Campaign To Be Exactly Like It Always Is" Face.

    8. The "Still Waiting On The Creative" Face.


    9. The "Still Waiting On Sign-Off" Face.

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    10. The "Still Waiting On A PO" Face.

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    11. The "This Campaign Is Never Going To Happen" Face.


    12. The "Pitching For New Business" Face.

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    13. The "This Conference Call Is A Fucking Mess And I Have No Idea What Is Happening" Face.


    14. The "Client Has Cancelled The Weekly Conference Call" Face.

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    15. The "Media Owner Is Trying To Sell Me Something But I Only Came For The Cupcakes" Face.

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    16. The "Just Got Back From A Lunch With A Media Owner" Face.

    17. The "I Can't Go Home Until This Goes Live" Face.

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    18. The "Let's Just Set It Live In The Morning" Face.

    19. The "Forgot To Add In Commission Now We've Overspent On Budget" Face.

    20. The "We've Just Lost The Client" Face.

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    21. The "Someone Just Used The Word 'Sweet Spot' Seriously" Face.

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    22. The "Only Came To This Presentation Because I Thought There Would Be Food" Face.

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    23. The "Manager Has Asked Me To Update My Timesheets" Face.

    24. The "I Spent All Night On This Deck And The Client Is On Their Blackberry" Face.

    25. The "Excel Is About To Crash And I Didn't Save My Report " Face.

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    26. The "Client Sent An Urgent Request And It's Friday Afternoon" Face.


    27. The "It's Out Of Our Scope Of Work" Face.

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    28. The "I Drink Because It's Free And I Don't Get Paid Enough" Face.

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    29. The "Leaving For A Rival Agency Because You're Not Paying Me Enough" Face.

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