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    33 South Asian Brides Who Totally Won Their Wedding Day

    Forget rappers, these beauties really bring the bling.

    Desis are known for throwing exuberant and spectacularly colourful weddings.

    But when it comes to the bride, they just take it to a whole other level.

    1. Firstly, a Desi bride's accessory game is SO ON POINT.

    5. Wearing bright colours is highly encouraged.

    9. Although softer colours look so pretty too.

    13. Traditional reds are equally stunning.

    16. Like seriously.

    17. It doesn't matter what colours they choose because it's the details of the outfits that really give these Desis that wow factor.

    21. Couple co-ordination is on another level of fabulousness.

    26. And the right makeup can also be the perfect complement.

    29. Whether it's a sari.

    30. A lehenga.

    31. Or an intricately detailed wedding gown.

    32. These brides all look spectacular.

    33. And deserve a round of applause.

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