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19 Problems That Were Way, Way Too Real Growing Up

"Mum, can I use the soap in the bathroom?" "No, it's just for show."

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1. When you were a little too quick to fuck about. / Via Twitter: @ChunkyLumpy

2. Or when you lost track of time and panicked. / Via Twitter: @graxelaah19

3. When you had to fetch something for your mum and you had NO IDEA where it was.

4. When you had to wait in the car. / Via Twitter: @autocorrects

5. Which you only put up with because you'd hoped you would go to the drive-thru on the way home. / Via Twitter: @BladeBr0wn

6. When your parents always chose the wrong time to remember washing-up liquid. / Via Twitter: @SpeakComedy

7. Basically, whenever you had to wait on your parents life was boring AF.

8. When your parents were strict about bedtime. / Via Twitter: @lookitscarla

9. Yet they just couldn't wait to wake you up.

10. When you got birthday money and your parents saw it as time to settle a debt.

“@_GRACCIOUS: RT @Chelsnavy_: #kidproblems.. ”

11. And you knew you could never ask for it back. / Via Twitter: @HighSkoolHigh

12. When things were "for show" and "not to be used".

13. And cookies were never fucking cookies.

14. When you knew you were in deep shit. / Via

15. And the only thing saving your ass was being in public. / Via Twitter: @fcbneymxr

16. When you were pissed that you got told off but knew acting pissed would get you in more trouble. / Via Twitter: @AmMuchindu

17. And it always came down to "stay mad" or "stay fed".

18. When there was much at stake and you had to swallow your pride.

19. When you never got the credit you deserved. / Via Twitter: @traphousejames

But you always knew the perfect way to get back at them...

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