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    18 Reasons Why Breakfast Should Be Every Meal Of The Day

    Sure lasagna is great, but there's a reason why breakfast lasagna is better.

    1. Breakfast is the FIRST meal of the day, so it's fair to say it's the most important.

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    2. And because there's so much variety, you're encouraged to have a little bit of everything.


    Which is frankly the BEST way to eat.

    3. Even the simplest breakfast can have a number of different options:

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    You're never spending hours deciding on what to eat the way you do at dinner.

    4. The only reason why breakfast doesn't get the same attention as lunch and dinner is purely because it happens in the morning and most people hate mornings.

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    It's really unfair on breakfast tbh.

    5. Although breakfast really, can happen at any time of the day.

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    6. Yes I know that brunch is technically breakfast and lunch, but we all know the reason everyone loves it so much is because it's BASICALLY breakfast.


    It's just later on in the day. I'm on to you guys.

    7. You can have a purely sweet breakfast and no one will judge you.

    8. In fact, mix and matching sweet and savoury is how you really do breakfast.

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    9. Breakfast is also super portable so you can have it anywhere!

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    10. For example breakfast in bed! The secret to a healthy, long-lasting relationship!*

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    *According to a very scientific study coming soon at some point in the future I don't know when leave me alone.

    11. It's one of the best parts of travelling: Discovering a new breakfast.

    12. And let's face it, everyone loves a hotel buffet in the morning!

    13. There are no rules when it comes to breakfast.

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    14. Seriously.

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    15. And we can probably thank breakfast for giving us the humble fried egg that's makes literally anything better.

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    16. Not to mention that if it weren't for breakfast food, who would save us after a night out? Who would help us with our hangovers????

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    17. So show breakfast a little respect, and start having it at all times of the day.

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    18. It's good sense and you know it.