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    19 Beliefs About Brits Americans Have, That When You Think About It, Are Actually Kind Of True

    Our words are ridiculous.

    1. We do actually eat beans on toast and we take it very seriously.

    2. Although maybe not as seriously as our love for queues.

    When someone pushes in ahead of you in a queue...a woman putting letters on a board that spells out C U N

    3. We can a bit difficult when it comes to letting people in our friendship circles.

    4. But when we do (which will happen), it will become apparent that we are indeed obsessed with "banter."

    Sign on a boat saying "Full English Banter Served all day"

    5. And yes, that does mostly mean insulting people.

    Tweet saying "friends with benefits but instead of sex we go to gigs with each other when we have no one to go with" and a subtweet that says "That's just called having mates you fucking div"

    6. Our phrases are frankly, quite ridiculous when you really think about it.

    Daisy field with the words "oopsy daisy"

    7. And I guess our names for things...are quite whimsical.


    We do.

    8. Grey and rainy is an accurate description of the weather generally.

    British Seasons expectations: all even seasons, British seasons reality: mostly rainy winter a bit of summer, and a bit of autumn.

    9. And probably because of this general gloom, we can be quite stern and hate any kind of enthusiasm.

    10. Our houses are like something out of a storybook.

    11. And our pubs are pretty damn nice, too.

    12. Which is probably why we're always in them.

    13. We definitely don't work as hard as our American friends.

    Graph showing that the later in the week it is, the less work you do

    14. And yes, we are always going on vacation.

    Are you even British if you don't say "let me come in your suitcase" when anyone you know is off on holiday

    How you lot have only like 10 vacation days and STILL don't take them all is a fucking crime.

    15. We do avoid the dentist, and whilst we have heard of flossing actually, we just choose not to do it.

    16. We do believe tea-making is an art form that requires great skill and precision.

    Tier system showing colours of cups of tea

    17. And while we don't have afternoon tea every afternoon, we do love indulging in one from time to time.

    woman having afternoon tea

    18. We don’t often say what we mean right away because we like to sort of kind of go about a situation sort of like right now with this sentence that kind of illustrates the point that I am making but haven’t made yet.

    19. We do love that you love our accents, and yes maybe sometimes we do play up to it...

    Are there any other popular beliefs Americans have about Brits that actually ring kinda true? Let us know in the comments below!