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25 Things You'll Only Get If You're Obsessed With Baths

Bubble, bubble, boil and bubble.

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1. Having a bath is one of the most glorious experiences.

2. They're just the best way to unwind.

3. And an excellent way to multi-task.

4. For instance you can bathe and catch up on your reading.

5. Soak your skin while having a delicious snack.

6. Cleanse yourself while eating dirty.

Because then it balances out.

7. Baths are way more exciting than showers, because BUBBLES!

8. Not to mention glorious bath bombs!

9. Although admittedly, they don't always make the bath look too appealing...

10. Soaks are also what makes baths so amazing.

11. Because nothing can soothe your tired, aching muscles more.

12. You always go that extra mile to make your bath experience spa-like.

13. That, or just a bit of fun!

14. Gadgets that make your bath experience even more comfortable get you mega excited.

15. And you're always dreaming of your perfect bath.

16. Because beautiful baths are your porn.

17. And just like your bed, your bath is where you spend a lot of time.

18. Too much time, perhaps.

19. In fact, the amount of times you've almost taken a nap is downright scary.

20. Unfortunately not all baths cater to your needs.

21. And although the idea of sharing a bath is romantic AF.

22. In reality you'd need something like this.

23. But to be honest, you know that having a bath is something that is best done solo.

24. A way to treat yourself every day.

25. And take a time-out from this hectic, hectic world.