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21 Pictures That Prove 2015 Was The Year Fuckboys Peaked

Fuckboys have peaked — let them go home.

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1. 2015 has been the year fuckboys truly outdid themselves.

2. The year they slid into our DMs with reckless abandon.

3. They lurked in the shadows, waiting to strike.

4. And did whatever they could to grab our attention.

5. They used tactics that were surely bound to work.

6. But when it all went wrong they started blaming their cat.


7. Their attempts to negotiate didn't work so well.

8. But they succeeded in filling us with dread.

9. And in leaving us utterly disappointed with mankind.

10. And they did it all with bad grammar and spelling.

11. (But not without a little artistic flair.)

12. In 2015 they proved that they are clearly not OK.

13. That something just isn't quite right.

14. Maybe they just need a break, guys.

15. Because they don't even stop during the holidays.

16. I mean they don't seem to understand where they are going wrong.

17. So let's afford them the time to reflect.

18. Maybe they will seek spiritual guidance.

19. Maybe they will work on their familial ~issues~.

20. So let's ban them from 2016 before they burn out.

21. They've done more than enough this year.