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    19 Things That Happen On First Dates That Are Awkward As Hell

    Crazy, Awkward, Love.

    1. When one of you has picked possibly the worst meeting place and you can't find each other.

    2. When your date is running late so you type rubbish into your phone to make it look like you're busy and very important.

    3. When they're running really late and it looks like you've been stood up.

    4. When you realise they are too short /too tall and walking together is an uncomfortable experience.

    5. When you greet them and don't know whether you should do one kiss or two or just fucking shake their hand.

    6. When you get their name wrong and confuse them with another date.

    7. When you mention a detail about them that could have only been learnt from stalking them on Facebook/Twitter/Google/Linkedin.

    8. When you realise the other person clearly hasn't got their shit together.

    9. When you end up staying for three extra drinks because you’re too polite to say you’re not interested or make an excuse to go home.

    10. When your friend calls to check in on you like you asked.

    11. When you realise you are being given a fake story so they can leave because they don’t like you.

    12. When the other person clearly thinks it’s going well and has no idea you think they're a massive twat.

    13. And then when they mention a second date...

    14. When you bump into someone you know and have to introduce your date even though you just met them.

    15. When you get up to go to the toilet and you can feel them checking you out.

    16. When they come back from the bathroom early and catch you frantically texting your friends.

    17. When the bill comes.

    18. When you've had too much to drink and you start getting sloppy.

    19. When you end up in bed together and you're like: "Hey, I just met you and this crazy, but now we're naked".