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    17 Beliefs About Brits Americans Have, That When You Think About It, Are Actually True

    Our words are ridiculous.

    1. Our phrases are frankly, quite ridiculous when you really think about it.

    Ladislav Kubeš / Getty Images

    2. And I guess our names for things...are quite whimsical.


    We do.

    3. Especially all the different words we use to describe being drunk.

    Remee Patel / Domoyega / Getty Images

    4. We do actually eat beans on toast and we take it very seriously.

    Tirc83 / Getty Images,

    5. Although maybe not as seriously as our love for queues.

    Robin Edds / BuzzFeed

    6. Our houses are like something out of a storybook.

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    7. And our pubs are pretty damn nice, too.


    Even dodgy ones with carpet.

    8. Which is probably why we're always in them.

    Natalya Lobanova / BuzzFeed

    But it's not what you think (well not entirely). In Britain you can bring your pets to the pub, you can bring your KIDS to the pub, you can even have your granny's 80th birthday at a pub. It's a family-friendly place.

    9. We definitely don't work as hard as our American friends.

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    But we do work harder than Australia, which is why we all end up moving there at some point.

    10. And yes, we are always going on vacation.

    Are you even British if you don't say "let me come in your suitcase" when anyone you know is off on holiday

    How you lot have only like 10 vacation days and STILL don't take them all is a fucking crime.

    11. We do avoid the dentist, and whilst we have heard of flossing actually, we just choose not to do it.

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    Sorry Neville mate, we know you've come a long way now, but remember we loved you just as you were.

    12. We do believe tea-making is an art form that requires great skill and precision.

    Jamie Jones / BuzzFeed

    Relationships have ended over bad cuppas.

    13. Grey and rainy is an accurate description of the weather generally.

    Natalya Lobanova / BuzzFeed

    You get used to it though.

    14. We are all about the banter.

    Twitter: @Fuckingledge

    But we hate the way you say it guys, please have some respect.

    15. And yes, that does mostly mean insulting people.

    Twitter: @DominicL96

    You confuse "stiff upper lip" with having excellent bants.

    16. We are overly polite and we can come across as gravely serious.


    It's probably all of the fear and self-loathing bubbling inside.

    17. But beware my dear Americans – it's not always what you think.

    Half of Americans wouldn’t be able to tell that a Briton is calling them an idiot, finds our new study on British subtext What does "with the greatest respect" mean? "I think you are an idiot": 🇬🇧 68% / 🇺🇸 40% "I am listening to you": 🇬🇧 24% / 🇺🇸 49%

    Let's just say our preferred mode of communication is being as indirect as possible.