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    21 Tweets About Marriage That Are Funny Because They Are True

    "Nothing in life can prepare you for how much of marriage is spent just listening to someone cough."


    Wife: You wouldn't believe the day- *puts TV remote to my ear* Hello? Hey Bob- [hand covering remote] -sorry honey, I have to take this.


    ME: woud u be open to adoption? HUSBAND: yes [later, at the adoption agency] ME: yes hi, i'd like to put my husband up for adoption


    [crawls out of burning house] "SIR, IS THERE ANYBODY ELSE INSIDE?" [flash backs of wife making me watch Big Bang Theory] "No."



    My husband doesn't seem to realize I'm mad at him which is ridiculous because I just spent the last 20 min convincing him I'm not mad at him


    Wife. Would you cut the label off my dress. Me. Sure *Snip* There you go. Wife. Thanks. Me. No problem. *Kicks pony tail under bed.


    *sitting in the dark at the kitchen table waiting for my wife* Hello Karen. Maybe you'd like to tell me who used all my essential oils


    wife [on phone] Did you preheat the oven like I asked? me: Yep wife: What temperature? me: 534 wife: That's the clock me wife me: 535


    WIFE: We really need to think about sticking to our monthly budget ME: *feeding my pet octopus a bag of emeralds* I agree


    Me, "I need to get in shape." Hubs, "What flavor? Chocolate or Vanilla?" Me, "Shape, not Shake." Hubs, "So...." Me, "Chocolate."


    Wife: How many times have I told you NOT to use my face moisturizer as body lotion? Me: *skin absolutely glowing* is this a trick question?


    Husband: UGH that kid is JUST LIKE YOU. Me: Wonderful? H: M: Charming? H: M: Light of your life? H: [leaves room] Me: [shouts] SUPER COOL?


    wife: Let's fool around after the kids go to bed narrator: But they never did fool around


    Me: Ok, who got Oreo filling on the couch? Husband: 4: 7: Me: Well... 7: It really could have been any of us. 4: (licks couch)



    Sometimes I say "you're welcommmme" to my husband for no reason in a super snobby voice just to watch him squirm.


    Marriage is where your sexual fantasies go to die.


    50 Shades of Grey, the married-with-kids version: Attempting to sort 50 white (now grey) socks in laundry basket while husband snores.


    *at Costco* Him: That's a really good deal. Me: We don't eat that. Him: *puts it in cart anyway* This is marriage.


    me[holding wife's shirt] Can this go in the dryer? wife:What does it say on the tag? me:Gap wife:The other tag me:Oh wife me:Made in Vietnam


    Nothing in life can prepare you for how much of marriage is spent just listening to someone cough.