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    19 Things You'll Get If You Love Makeup But Are Lazy

    *Looks at tutorial for gold smoky eyes, immediately does normal eyeliner routine*

    1. You own multiple products that you've never even used.

    2. Because in reality, your makeup routine is pretty damn simple.

    3. And you only ever use the same products over and over again.

    Remee Patel /

    4. Despite this, you still love looking on the internet for makeup inspiration.

    5. And you're always watching makeup tutorials, convinced that you'll actually try them out one day.

    Kaushal Beauty /

    You never try them out.

    6. When you do attempt something other than your normal routine, you pretty much give up instantly.

    Mutant Enemy

    7. Because you can't be bothered to go to all of the effort when it might not even come out right.

    8. And you know it's going to be a bitch to get off.

    Remee Patel / Tuned_in / Getty Images

    9. You'd much rather just stick to your usual routine, which after years of practice, takes less than 10 minutes and gives you flawless results every time.

    10. Because of this, and sleep being a priority, you often do your makeup on the way to school or work.

    On the bus last minute work makeup.... #youlookthesameanyways #jokes

    11. Shopping for makeup and testing different products gives you complete joy.

    12. Yet you pretty much end up staying with your comfort zone and opting for a slightly different shade from your usual.

    13. You're completely amazed by all of things people can do with makeup to help with any problem areas.

    Rose Kimberly /

    14. But because you don't like doing the millions of the steps it takes to get results, you've learnt to use your problem areas to your advantage.

    15. You're always jealous of people who can pull of a variety of looks so easily.

    Where do they get the time???

    16. And whose makeup collections are so incredibly organised.

    17. When you have to look extra fancy for a big event you choose to spend time on your hair rather than your makeup.


    Because there is no way you're spending lots of time on both, and we all know hair is the tougher job of the two.

    18. So you've learnt how to "hack" the makeup game.

    yesterday's eyeliner can be today's smoky eye if you believe in yourself enough

    19. And fool people into thinking you're a pro by just adding a bit more eyeliner and changing your lipstick.

    LustreLux /

    No one will ever know you're an impostor.

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