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    18 Situations That Are Real As Fuck When You're Single

    Dear non-single people: Tinder is not a fun game for you to play.

    1. When a friend tries to set you up with someone and you question their standards.

    2. And when you're set up on a blind date and it's clear your friend has no idea what you like.

    3. When a non-single friend decides they want to live vicariously through you.

    4. When you've resigned yourself to a life alone with pets.

    5. When a friend thinks they know why you're single.

    6. When you're waiting anxiously for a reply from someone you like.

    7. When you're totally vibing with someone cute but then they drop a bombshell.

    8. When a wedding makes your singledom increasingly apparent.

    9. When your family keep hinting that you need to hurry up and find someone.

    10. When your marriage pact falls to pieces.

    11. When your newly single mate finds someone before you do.

    12. When you're surrounded by couples who only talk and do couple things.

    13. When you're out with a non-single friend who constantly messages their partner.

    14. When you've got needs but you're also feeling lazy.

    15. When people awkwardly try to suggest you should be with your other single mate.

    16. When you're on a date and it's painfully boring.

    17. Or just painfully, painfully awkward.

    18. And when you think you're done with dating altogether but then someone crawls out of the woodwork.