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    12 Real AF Sex Situations That Will Make You Cringe

    Sometimes you can get a little too carried away with role play.

    1. When you try to be spontaneous but it backfires:

    Remee Patel / Luckybusiness / Getty Images

    2. When you get really into sexting but then chicken out in real life:

    Remee Patel / Monkeybusinessimages / Getty Images

    3. When the threesome becomes more complicated than planned:

    Remee Patel / Marina_ph / Getty Images

    4. When you try role play but get easily distracted:

    Remee Patel / Bst2012 / Getty Images

    5. Or when you get a little too carried away:

    6. When you learn about a new trick and decide to try it out:

    Remee Patel / Brauns / Getty Images

    7. When you try to spice things up but one of you is risk-averse:

    Remee Patel / Sissy_12 / Getty Images

    8. When your lives become too busy:

    Remee Patel / Svetikd / Getty Images

    9. When you play dress-up but the outfit is impractical.

    Remee Patel/ Sakkmesterke / Getty Images

    10. Or when clothing becomes an evil obstacle:

    Remee Patel / Mocker_bat / Getty Images

    11. When you don't live by yourself and have to be careful:

    Remee Patel / Getty Images

    12. And when only one of you orgasms:

    Remee Patel / Getty Images