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    20 Crafty DIY Gifts For Men

    I know gender roles are archaic and sexist, but they exist for a reason, right? Even so, the crafts below are for everyone--especially anyone who appreciates handmade gifts, but isn't interested in the frilly or frivolous or traditionally feminine projects out there. But for the purposes of this article, I will be referencing "the men in your life."

    Included are a variety of options for a variety of price ranges and skill sets. If you don't have the funds or the means to thrift it cheaper, use the project as inspiration for something else. If you don't have the skills or know-how necessary ,but your man does, consider it a good opportunity for bonding. Some projects are practical, some playful, some sweet. You know him best, so you choose.

    Laptop Skins

    Athletic Afghan

    Wooden Watch

    Grappling Hook

    Operating under the assumption that most of us are kids at heart, this playful present is a winner. Craft a grappling hook out of stuff you already have at home. You'll be a legend among men.

    Custom Cardboard Cabinetry

    Can Lanterns

    Alien Abduction Lamp


    Netbook Book

    Time Capsule

    Instrument Wall Hanger

    NES Controller Coffee Table

    Hand-shaped Wooden Bowl

    Wood Slice Turntable

    USB Desk Lamp

    "52 Things I Love About You"

    Tech-Organizer Book

    Instrument Makeover