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10 Things that happen when you go in 10 the standard (in India)

The weirdest one year you will have as an Indian student

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1. The only reason you go for tuitions is because of your friends

Trust me in the beginning of 10th grade, you don't care about your marks.You go to tuitions as an excuse to meet your friends.You hardly care about the teachers lectures , and only care about their notes.

2. The new hangout spot is outside your tuition

If you wanna start a successful food business then try finding a spot outside a popular tuition center. Those tired replenished kids will definitely come to try your food.Be it pain puri , dosa, sandwich,they will surely come to hangout with their friends and of course increase your profit.

3. Your teacher will definitely give you a lecture that will make you believe that this exam is gonna be the end of your life

Once you enter the infamous 10th standard get ready for long tiring speeches from teachers about college,humility and marks. All of them are going to tell you about how marks in 10th are important and how your whole life depends on it.

5. Your phone will always have 'the smart friend's' number in your favorites

Get ready to call your friends,enemies,random people for help when you have no idea what the concept is, the formula is ,or you're just basically fed up of life.

6. Say hi to the 'overconfident friend '

There is always gonna be that person who believes that they know the whole syllabus and will try to help you even when you don't need it . This is usually the smartest kid in the class who has finally realized that he/she is better than everyone.

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