Reindeer Instructor
I am cautious with information and purposefully reluctant to reveal the full extent of what takes place. I put issues of cooperation and tolerance ahead of just blind obedience. In the basic nature of things I put people before ethics. Furthermore...
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    • Reindeer Instructor

      For me? Mostly I keep a clear head for about until half the run is over (preferably ⅔).  And then if possible (and on occasion) I’ll set it up so I can grab the Finnish flag at or around the half way point for the return trip. Also I’ll say “Odin seems to be mistaken; has me confused - I’m Suomalainen.” The nightly visions Odin! - think man! …Suomalainen.  There happens to be an American flag I run by (during such occasions): Odin …The children seem to think reindeer don’t flagellate - but they do Odin. Don’t they?  I recognize all of you although I can not speak (great, great, great grandfather I see you, and grandmother) …it is with all my hart I whish to stay here - but I’m not alone; Father Winter & Lady Finland is with me - and they will speak with you. I am to return!  And mostly For Every Run When it’s Over, I save the Pièce-de-résistance: Why when Father Winter tells me he’s always with me; do I see only one pair of footprints behind me? (Leaving it unfinished of course) …because that’s when he carries me  Now I ask you …how in the world could someone pass up the opportunity to go out in the world and commune such as that, with the universe for those few moments we are alive (and of course, not alone). :)

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