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What Popular Song Lyric Predicts Your Future?

Save calories eating that fortune cookie and just take this quiz instead.

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  1. 1. What do you first think about when you wake up?

    When you will work out.
    Social committments for that day.
  2. 2. If you got a new pet, what would you name him/her?

    Mr. President
    Lil' Titan
  3. 3. How do you drink your coffee?

    Caffeine messes with my body too much so I don't drink it.
    Caramel Lattes are delicious!
    I drink my coffee black without sugar.
    I always make my coffee at home and take it with me since I'm always on the move!
  4. 4. Pick a movie.

    "Music and Lyrics"
    "The Social Network"
  5. 5. Pick a convenience store item.

    Birthday Card
    Energy Drink
  6. 6. How do you approach getting a haircut?

    I'm open to creating a new look.
    As long as I can still keep it out of my food, I'm not picky.
    Let's just get this over with.
    Haircuts are fine as long as I can think of something to talk to my hairdresser about.
  7. 7. Pick a type of photograph.

    Still life
    Action shot
    Group shot
    Solo headshot

What Popular Song Lyric Predicts Your Future?

You got: "That looks tasty."

"That looks tasty" is a meaningful, yet underrated lyric from Hozier's top hit "Take Me to Church," which symbolizes Hozier's uncomfortable hunger in the church and his disappointment in only being offered one godly cracker. Much like Hozier, your life will be full of delicious treats and snacks. However, they will never fully satisfy you and you'll be left with a hunger of always wanting something more.

"That looks tasty."
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You got: "It’ll leave you breathless."

"It'll leave you breathless" comes from Taylor Swift's popular song "Blank Space," as a reference to Taylor Swift's weightlifting addiction. Just as Taylor Swift has spent countless hours out of breath at her bodybuilding competitions, you will spend many years later in life with an unhealthy obsession over a sport that your body was not built for and that will eventually destroy you.

"It’ll leave you breathless."
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You got: "I hear symphonies in my head."

"I hear symphonies in my head" is a symbolic lyric from Jason Derulo's top 40 hit, "Trumpets," which examines Jason Derulo's struggle to explain how it feels to be a budding classical composer stuck in a pop artist's extremely attractive body. Just as Jason Derulo has found it difficult to voice his true musical goals to the world, you also will find it difficult to admit to the world that singing in the shower is, and will always be, your true passion. But, seriously, just tell the world, because, honestly, everyone has already heard you so it's not really a secret.

"I hear symphonies in my head."
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You got: ​"You’re the only one invited."

"​You’re the only one invited" is a lyrical phrase from Nick Jonas' instant hit "Jealous," which references his frustration at being the only guest invited to a party. Off stage, Nick Jonas can often be heard muttering, "It's just...weird. Like, I don't get it. Just invite more people!" Unfortunately, you may find yourself in a similar situation to Nick Jonas. Your future looks uncomfortably awkward, as you will be invited to multiple formal events and holiday parties, only to discover that you were literally the only person invited. Good luck trying to make conversation the entire night with the host. Just ask Nick Jonas, it is incredibly difficult.

​"You’re the only one invited."
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