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    11 Feelings You Have When Your Best Friend Goes Abroad

    Please don't have too much fun without me. As Told By Disney GIFs, of course.

    1. At first you are SO excited because they are SO excited!

    2. But then you realize how sad you are that they are leaving you behind...

    3. What are you supposed to do without them?

    4. You start thinking about all the cool people they will meet and how you won't be able to compare to them.

    5. What if they come back talking differently?

    6. Or have life changing experiences that you won't be able to relate to?

    7. Or, even worse, what if they find someone new and special!?

    8. And so they decide to stay abroad forever because they don't want to come back.

    9. That means they will be raising their children too far away for you to be the godparent or get the cool aunt/uncle title.

    10. Finally, with mixed emotions, you have to tell them goodbye.

    11. You hug them soooo tightly, wish them best of luck, tell them to keep in touch, and silently pray they don't forget you.