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Congressman Don Bacon's View Of U.S. Foreign Policy From The House Of Representatives.

Recap of speech given in Lincoln, NE on October 18th.

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On October 18 from 2-3 pm, Congressman Don Bacon gave a speech addressed as, “U.S. Foreign Policy: A View from the House of Representatives.” The Republican General, covered topics like: the world view shift, threats, and competitors of the U.S., The U.S. in the last 10 years, what world we want to live in and how to make this possible.

Bacon addressed the elephant in the room, the potential shift of world power from a unipolar world view featuring the U.S. to a new leading power. He listed competitors like China, Russia, and regional powers like North Korea that could likely be the next power. Bacon informed the audience the ways the U.S. can fight this imminent power domination. The first way is to keep our economic growth rate at 3% or more, to engage in friendly trade with China, not go to war with North Korea, place financial sanctions on North Korea, to support allies (i.e. supply weapons to protect Japan), and to renegotiate the sunset clause with Iran.

Don Bacon also reviewed what the U.S. has been up to militarily in the past 10 years. He passionately discussed how the U.S.’s political divide is the sole reason for 31 continued resolutions for the Military (aka cutting and re-cutting their budget). He explained how these 31 CRs are putting a halt to our modernism and national security. By cutting budget in areas like training, weaponry parts, and air force fly time, this is ultimately hurting the U.S. and causing us to look weak to competitors.

So what does our US world look like now? What once was the strongest most stable democratic country who led by example for other States’ human right fights, and free trade is depreciating. Bacon believes to become this once more, the country as a whole has to become unified and stable once again (aka tear down the political divide that stigmas our country presently).

Through his speech, Congressman Don Bacon educated, encouraged, and related to the audience. He instilled hope that the United States can remain as the present number one power title if we “come together left and right for national security.” He closed his speech by reminding the crowd that although he is labeled as a politician, he is also a General in the Military, a teacher, a Husband, a Father, and a fighter who will use his time in congress to correctly represent us as a unified voice.

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