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25-Day Sugar Cleanse

My personal experience with cutting added sugars for 25 days.

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25-Day Sugar Cleanse

What’s worse for you fat or sugar? “Aside from energy, sugar provides no nutrition… it also increases blood glucose levels,” while, “fat is no worse for us than carbohydrates,” (Diabetes UK). So as you might now understand sugar might be a little worse for us than fat, in fact, many nutritionists regard diets that are high in fat and low in carbohydrate (sugar) as healthier than low fat, higher carbohydrate (sugar) diets.

On that enlightening note, hello everybody, my name is Reid and I've always considered myself a healthy eater, but I've struggled with my weight for a long time. I used to think I ate very well because I always avoided high fatty foods because growing up my parents were strong enforcers of the no high-fat foods in the house idea. Consequently, I was shocked when I read that eating low-fat foods may be worse for you than eating full-fat foods. This is because full-fat foods are often sweeter so they tend to have less added sugar than low-fat foods. I also learned 74% of packaged foods sold in supermarkets contain added sugar, food companies don't have to list sugar under nutrition facts unless there are more than 0.5 grams per serving, and sugar can be hidden in the ingredients under 61 different names. After hearing all of this, I chose to do a 25-day sugar detox where I ate no added sugar to see what kind of change it would have on my body. The rules were simple: complete a 25-day detox, no added sugars, sugar alcohols, honey, agave, maple syrup, or artificial sweeteners. I could only eat sugars that naturally occur in foods like fruits and dairies, and I set a limit of five servings of fruit a day to ensure I didn’t substitute fruit for sugar. I was hoping that I would get three things out of this: more energy, fewer cravings, and a little weight loss.

So as you can see sugar is everywhere so I had to work pretty hard to avoid it and just to show you how hard it was I kept a meal diary where I noted everything I ate over the 25 days. Keep in mind the majority of the food listed is homemade because it's extremely difficult to avoid added sugars when eating out.

Meal Diary

Day 1:

• 2 pieces of toast with 2 fried eggs

• Sandwich (ham, turkey, cheese, lettuce), apple, water

• Cup of coffee with milk

• 2 hot dogs (no ketchup), tater tots

Day 2:

• Omelet (ham, cheese), bacon, water

• 2 cups of tea with milk

• Salad(chicken, lettuce, strawberries, etc), water

• Cup of coffee with milk

• Naked smoothie

Day 3:

• Tacos(chicken, cheese, lettuce, guacamole, pico de gallo), water

• Chicken Pad Thai, water

• Cuban sandwich, water

Day 4:

• Fruit platter, Greek yogurt, toast, coffee with milk

• Corn dog, water

• Pepperoni Pizza, water

• Sushi, water

Day 5:

• Bagel, lox, Greek yogurt, fruit

• Chicken Sandwich, salad, water

Day 6:

• Banana blueberry flax smoothie

• Sandwich (ham, turkey, lettuce, cheese), water

• Hamburger, salad, water

Day 7:

• Strawberry banana smoothie

• BBQ Chicken flatbread, water

• Vic's Salt and Vinegar chips

• Pork Tacos, water

Day 8:

• Snyder's Pretzels, water

• Crab Cake Sandwich, fruit, water

• Rice, beans, chicken

Day 9:

• Everything bagel, cream cheese

• Ham sandwich, pasta salad

• Spaghetti and meatballs, salad

Day 10

• Eggs, bacon, toast, potatoes

• Chicken, rice, beans

• Watermelon and blueberries

Day 11:

• Buttered toast, blueberries

• Salad Nicoise,

• Banana, blueberry, almond bread

Day 12:

• Banana, buttered toast

• Baby-bells, strawberries

• Pizza

• Pesto pasta, tomatoes, broccoli

• Cherries

Day 14:

• Banana

• Pasta with sauce

• Steak, potato, Brussel sprouts

Day 15:

• Hard boiled egg, toast

• Pizza (Dewey's)

• Burger

Day 16: (177.25lbs)

• Cheese and bread

• Clam chowder

• Watermelon, fruit

• Margarita pizza

Day 17:

• Smoothie bowl

• Reuben sandwich

• Chicken and rice

Day 18:

• Hard boiled egg, Banana bread

• Watermelon

• Baby bell

• Kebab, rice, hors d'oeuvres

Day 19:

• Eggs, bacon, pancakes

• Watermelon

• Smoothie

• Tortellini and veggies

• Blueberries and Carrots

Day 20:

• Smoothie, toast

• Fried chicken, fries

• Watermelon, popcorn

• Salmon, beet salad

Day 21:

• Cheese and crackers

• Orange Juice

• Ham sandwich, cheese

• Spaghetti and meatballs

• Watermelon

Day 22:

• Grilled pork sandwich

• Eggs, bacon, hash browns, toast

Day 23: (179 lbs)

• Banana

• Toast

• Cheese and crackers

• Empanadas, pork arepa

• Salami and cheese sub

Day 24:

• Watermelon

• Chicken, rice, and beans

• Hamburger, corn, asparagus

Day 25:

• Toast

• Ham and cheese empanada

• Grilled cheese, fruit

• Marinara pesto pasta, beef

Final Thoughts

Reid Watson

Cutting added sugars from my diet drastically changed my weight. In the first 14 days I lost nearly 7 pounds, sadly this wasn't all from the sugar, trying to avoid sugar resulted in me not eating nearly enough even though I was regularly working out. My tip to anyone who wants to try an added sugar cleanse is to make sure you eat at least three full meals a day and drink lots of water. After realizing I was losing too much weight I was able to fix the problem and gain some back as you can see from my weight curve.

I'm glad I did a cleanse because it showed me how much sugar we actually eat and how it affects our bodies. In addition to losing weight, I felt a tremendous rise in average energy after the first couple days and I felt little to no cravings after the first two weeks. I have also learned that eating healthy is very hard but it is more effective to try and avoid sugar rather than fat and I encourage everybody to try this out for themselves.

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