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8 Reasons Why Millennials Have Left Facebook

Facebook has recently seen a large drop in millennia's population. Here's some reasons why...

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2. That Aunt.

Everyone has that aunt whose children are either to young or to old for Facebook. They are living their college years through you. Once you get tagged in a picture you can expect an immediate like or comment on the picture.

3. Little Cousins

All of a sudden my little cousins learn what the internet is and refuse to leave me alone. I get I am the cool older cousin, but please go play with barbies or toy cars and get off Facebook.

4. That one friend's mom.

We all have that friend's mom who is a stay at home mom. Her day consists of checking your friends grades and commenting on all of your pictures. You love her to death, but how do you say chill out?

5. Facebook was so last 2016. Instagram is life.

Instagram has changed my life. Facebook is still fun, but I am more willing to click the Instagram app 10/10 times. It's the new cool thing to do and I want to get my followers up.

6. Politics

Did you know Donald Trump is our POTUS? I had no idea until I read the 1,000 Facebook statuses claiming Hillary Clinton is a criminal and Donald Trump is a racist. Please keep your comments to yourself, I really don't care.

7. Grandma doesn't need to see beer bongs.

Everyone has a couple of Facebook pictures you don't necessarily want people to see, but some of those pictures bring back unforgettable memories. My grammy doesn't know what a beer bong is and never should.

8. I have 300 friends on Facebook that I do not know.

In high school, it was cool to have hundreds of friends on Facebook. I did not necessarily know all of these people, but clearly we had some mutual friends. Now I see them sharing pictures of their two year old children and realize I have no idea who they are.

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