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17 Outdoorsy Gifts Under $50 That Anyone Will Love Forever

Need some inspo for the granola girl in your life? Or maybe you want to ditch the holiday rush and spend some time in the great outdoors? Head over to REI for these gift ideas, so you and your loved ones can get out there and create your own traditions this holiday season!

1. A REI Co-Op Membership - $20

gift card toward REI membership

2. This Super-Useful Multi-Purpose Tool - $39.95

3. This Tumbler For The Friend Who Is Always Hydrating - $40.00

4. The Mother Of All Fanny Packs - $29.00

a patagonia multi-colored fanny pack

5. A Handy, Portable Coffee Maker - $31.95

a travel version of the Aeropress Coffee Maker with filter, lid, and scoop.

6. A Headlamp To Light Your Path - $39.95

an array of different colored headlamps

7. This Comfy Travel Pillow - $39.95

a navy blue pillow

8. Some Darn Tough Socks - $22.00 - $24.00

a dozen or so multicolored, thick hiking socks

9. This Adorable Medical Kit - $6.95

a circular zip pack with the face of a bear

10. A Minibar That Will Fit In Your Pocket - $22.00

a stainless steel can with alcohol mixers

11. A Pocket Monocular - $18.00

A monocular and its case

12. This Totally Chill Hammock - $49.95

a person relaxes in a blue hammock in the woods

13. This Nifty Hand Warmer - $49.95

14. This Wine Tumbler To Protect Your Precious Vino - $24.95

a stainless steel wine glass tumbler with lid and wine bottle opener in the background.

15. This Portable Cookset For The Chef Who Likes A Cooking Challenge - $44.95

16. This Durable Duffel To Hold All Your Gear - $44.95

a large orange duffel bag with strap

17. A Gift Card For Anything Else Your Heart Desires

a gift card that says "this isn't a gear rental, but it could be"

To check out even more great ideas for the holiday season, or just to see how you can #optoutside, visit REI to learn more.