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10 Signs That It's Finals Week At Regis University

Now approaching procrastination station

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2. But first, coffee.

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Finals week often means early mornings, late nights and next-level caffeine consumption. We'll take a venti mocha-caramel-cinnamon-latte-frappe-with-justallofthewhippedream cup of goodness, please and thank you.

3. Emails, emails everywhere.

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Between checking on grades, extra credit, checking on grades, giving your professors brilliant excuses as to why you missed class, checking on grades and last minute course notes, email boxes have never been more active or full.

5. Procrastination station.

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Me: Ugh!!! I'm so stressed and have a million and a half things to do and OH MY STARS HOW AM I GONNA MAKE IT THROUGH FINALS WEEK??!!

*Also me: spends five hours watching a compilation of YouTube's "Cutest Goat" videos.



Bacon, pancakes swimming in syrup, bacon, heaping bowls of sugary cereal, and bacon. Regis students look forward to this annual tradition of breakfast for dinner come finals time. It's the perfect way to take a break from studying, relax with friends and enjoy second breakfast.

9. The highlight of your day.

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Whatever free time you do have is suddenly spent poring over that massive pile of textbooks you've acquired, sprucing up on and highlighting those final chapters like it's your job.

10. Those post-final feels.

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Finals week may be tough, but there is nothing better than that feeling of relief and excitement when you walk out of your last test knowing that no matter what, you did the best you could! Well, that and it's FINALLY WINTER BREAK!!!

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