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6 Disney Dads: Hot Or Not?

When it comes to Disney movies, who are the real DILFs?

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Watch the video to see who these guys chose to be their Disney daddy!

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1. Let's kick off this awkward game with James, Tiana's dad, in The Princess and the Frog.

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Pros: He's emotionally stable, he's a hard worker, and he's got a nice, deep, husky voice.


3. Now, how did they feel about Mufasa from The Lion King? Yes, Mufasa. Can you say top-notch DILF?

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He's that dad that picks up his kid at school and everyone whispers about how good-looking he is, you know?


5. Next up was Tarzan's dad. I mean, can we all agree that the entire family is absolutely beautiful?

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"Tarzan's that family where the grandpa, the dad, Tarzan, his son, they're all fine." Yep.

BUT he's also totally the type to crack classic dad jokes and try to use words like "lit."


The gang decided he's what you stereotypically think of when you think of a dad. Slightly boring but holds down a steady and secure job. Meh.