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Here's What Austinites Really Think About SXSW

Around 45,000 official registrants, and many more unofficial, descend on Austin every year for the 10-day music, film, and interactive conference South By Southwest. We asked locals for their unvarnished opinion on the annual population (and taco, and beer, and brand) explosion.

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2. Steve

Reggie Ugwu / BuzzFeed

"Utter madness — but fun, crazy madness — the kind you look forward to (probably because you forgot) and are relieved and exhausted when it ends."


3. Ramon

Reggie Ugwu / BuzzFeed


"It's the world's greatest entertainment in our backyard for 10 days," he elaborates. "And if you're 15 or 16 walking around, it'll change your life."



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